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Cybersecurity Services to protect your business

When we onboard new clients our experts will locate and determine any areas where there may be a weakness in your network. We will look at everything from your software to your computers, servers, firewalls and storage. After the assessment, we will create a plan that will secure your company’s information and work with you to create a timeline to update your company’s security deficiencies.

Multiple Lines of Defense

Peak Technology believes in setting up multiple lines of defense to reduce the risk of security breaches and stolen information.

Step 1: A Firewall is Your First Line of Defense

Your firewall is your gatekeeper. It inspects every piece of information transferred over the internet and decides what information is safe to pass through to your network servers and computers.

Peak Technology will monitor and maintain your device and its licensing to ensure your network is secure from threats such as: intrusions, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, adware, keyloggers, malicious code, and other dangerous situations.

Our gateway protection scans traffic against multiple application types and protocols, ensuring your network has around-the-clock protection from internal and external attacks and application vulnerabilities.

Without a firewall, you are exposing all of your company’s information to danger. Contact Peak IT today to learn how to add or update your firewall and get immediate protection.

Step 2: Endpoint Protection Protects Every Open Door

Protect your workforce and company data with uncompromising, hassle-free cyber security for desktop, laptops, virtual machines, tablets, and smartphones. Instantaneous protection and fast scans without the hassle of time consuming patches and signature updates. All of this without burdening your server equipment with unneeded AV management software.

Step 3 Emails and Phishing

In addition to spam-based attacks, email threats have evolved to highly sophisticated phishing campaigns, targeted zero-hour attacks and data theft aimed at exploiting risky user behavior. With 91% of hacks starting with a targeted email attack, organizations need to protect their users, data and assets.

Whether hackers send viruses through email attachments, or they send a phishing email to get you to enter your username and password in a mock site, they regularly find new ways to steal your information. It’s becoming harder to differentiate between real emails and the fake emails created by hackers. We suggest using a real time filter that scans your emails before they even get to your inbox. If there is a detection of a threat, the software quarantines the email so the virus cannot get released on the network. We combine several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against the most advanced email borne attacks, email spooling to ensure business continuity, and archiving for organizations to meet demanding compliance and preservation requirements.

Why Your Cleveland Business Needs IT Protection

Hackers want your data. They want names, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and any other information on you or your customers that they can sell for money. Make sure you are taking every possible security protection technique:

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